This is not a story, but a. heritage from the great grandparents! The generation has been working in tea since the 1970s. From a conventional (traditional) production to an innovation point, the experience and skills are counted.  

The company has visioned to create a new value chain in the tea industry-to to introduce the world to consume this special value beyond tea.  It's upgrading in 2013, to help uplift the society in the tea land, to empowers and enable the lives in tea farms to the fullest. From CTC (cut tear curl) tea to pickled tea and hand made high-quality products, the company develops its production year to year to end the need of consumers. Currently, the company produces different products organic red, green, and black which are certified by Control Union. 



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One of the leading Manufacturer of CTC Tea and handmade organic tea from Namhsan, the city of Palaung Self-Administration Zone, which is the highland region in Northern Shan State in Northern Shan State, itself produces the country's best quality tea and empowers the local to produce high-quality products to meet the need of foreign buyers.

In the development of the tea value chain in Myanmar, the company set up with a vision to produce people drink the best quality of tea in the country along with the improvement to the local tea growers' livelihoods; and tea farms. 




The company mainly focus on quality wholesale supply to partners as well as the outlets from large scale shops to small. What more interesting over is the recently made organic Red Tea, organic Green Tea, and organic Black Tea. Looking for perfect cup of tea? 




 Our team, a group of tea passionates, and we work closely with 1000 tea farmers

from the tea city in Palaung Self-Administrative Zone, Northern Shan State to fulfill our local customers and global client's need.  Our quality and results-driven strategies managed by our team power to reach our target goal every year. 


2nd Generation: the grand parents upgrade into semi auto producing and proudce black tea.

Taking a lead role to found Palaung Tea Growers and Sellers Association to improve the raw tea supplies in the market, work together with international non-govermental organizaion like GIZ to support tea growers and producers access international market.

Assists PTGSA to promote the tea value chain development in local level.

Invite international tea experts from Bhutan, India, Thainland, Nepal, Thailand, SiriLinka to share, provide knowledges  about tea growning techniques.

Produced new products called Pu-erh Tea, a cake-shaped tea; and organic tea pack such as red tea, green tea, black tea and gunpowder. 

Improve the factory to produce Pu-erh tea cake from local. 

Participate international tea fair in China to promote the local tea product in the internation tea market. 

Partnership with local small scale factories to improve the supply. 









3rdGeneration: taking this heritage from parents, Mr.Nelson Reweel and his young brother Mr. Edward Reweel work closely to reupgrate the production and invest new CTC factory to liftup the lives of growers and producers. Founded Shwe Panlaw Company.

Founded Ta'ang Tea World Myanmar Coorporative Company with local investors. Obtians orgnic certificate from Control Union, and HACCP ceartificate to produce quality, and clean; hygenic pickled tea to supply the tea broker accoss the middle and lower part of the coutnry such as Yangon, Ayeyewaddy, Pathein, Monywar, Mandalay, and some upper part of the countries. 

Travel to the U.S.A., Nepal, and Germany to explore the tea value chain in different countries. 

Signed MoU with USAID to dvelop the tea value chain in Myanmar. 

1st Generation: Greate grand parents era producing black tea as traditionally, and trade to Mandalay.


We are in our leading era to empower the local tea growers and local small scale tea producers to work together as one. 

As a responsibility taker, we share a common vision to strengthen the tea made from local to export to the international market.

To sum up, our giving back to the community have reached to $100,000 in total for both sides of in cash and in-kind of value since our established in 2010.  


We are a team of tea passionate people who care about tea growers and producers' next improvement. With these passions and vision in mind, we commit to becoming experiential-based learning and growth workplace in our industry.  

For a perfect cup of tea, we are building a  perfect team to shape our goal in designing the products and future of tea.