Mr. Nelson Reweel

Managing Director

Inspired by his great-grandparents, Mr. Nelson Reweel invests in the tea industry to uplift the lives of growers and develop the value chain together with producers in the country to promote the tea market to the world to consume the best quality from a small rural community. 

Mr. Nelson Reweel is also tea passionate person since his young age. As tea is the family's main business since an early age, Mr. Nelson knew well about tea intern of its quality and traditions across the region in Northern Shan State.  

Mr. Edward Reweel


Followed by his brother Mr. Nelson Reweel, Edward left his professional career as an Engineer invest his life in the tea farm to manage the whole production of the company. 

As a tea crazier, Mr. Edward works together with 10 young with different backgrounds and skills who same crazy in tea to develop a new and innovative traditional product to a high-class consumed tea for the global clients. 

Not just a tea crazier, but a funny living person, Edward likes to make a joke and talk about different around the world. 

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